The intent of these medal sets to the international UN/ NATO/ EU personnel including veterans and other UN/ NATO/ EU associations and supporters on all levels is:

     1.  To sponsor the organizations and honour the service of previous, present and future UN/ NATO/ EU personnel.

     2.  Creating a foundation to assist suffering civilian and military personnel and their families at home
          and abroad through acquirement of the different medals and The United Nations Secretaries-General Honorary Medal Set.

The royalty will be utilized in humanitarian projects world-wide by Bergen and Hordaland UN Veteran Association UN/ NATO/ EU/AU and OSCE personnel. Firstly, to the best of wounded civilian and military personnel and their families or to the benefit towards the families of personnel that have paid the highest price of all.

These medal sets can be acquired by all (previous, present and future) international UN/ NATO/ EU personnel.

Classic Miniatures Ltd. has the world-wide production and distribution rights through NamtvedtDesign Ltd.